Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle Repairs

 Repair - Checking the vehicle in 

Sign informing the customer that the automotive repair dealer is obligated to provide a written estimate when the customer physically presents his motor vehicle to the automotive repair Shop.

Providing the customer with a written estimated price quoted as detailed parts and labor necessary to complete the repair. If the dealer makes a diagnostic examination, the dealer has the right to furnish such estimate within a reasonable period of time thereafter, and to charge the customer for the cost of the diagnosis. Such a diagnostic charge must be agreed in advance, by the customer. No cost of diagnosis which would have been incurred in accomplishing the repair, shall be billed twice, if the customer elects to have the dealer make the repair; 

Making deceptive or misleading statements or false promises of a character likely to influence, persuade or induce a customer to authorize the repair, service or maintenance of motor vehicle.

Providing the customer with a written estimated price to complete a specific repair, quoted in the terms of not to exceed the figure. They must note the odometer reading.

Specific authorization from the customer, signed by the customer, which states the nature of the repair requested or problem presented and the odometer reading of the vehicle.

Provide the customer with a copy of any receipt or document signed by the consumer, when they signed it.

Customer may request to review or see parts. This request must be made at time of checking the vehicle in to the repair shop. 

Repair - Picking the vehicle up.

Must deliver with the invoice a written copy of all guarantees, itemizing the parts, components and labor represented to be covered by such guaranty or document that all parts are covered and what must be done by the claimant before the guarantor will fulfill is obligation.

Must state on invoice whether any new rebuilt, reconditioned or used parts were supplied.

Failure to return replaced parts to the customer at the time of completion of the work provided that the customer, before work is commenced, requests such return, and provided that the parts by virtue of their size, weight and other similar factors are not impractical to return. Those parts that are sold on an exchange basis, and those required to be returned by the automotive repair dealer to the manufacturer or distributor are exempt from provisions of this section

Repair - If the vehicle was left after hours

If the customers vehicle is presented to the repair dealer during other than normal working hours or by one other than the customer, oral authorization from the customer to proceed with the requested repair or problem presented, evidenced by a notation on the repair order and/or invoice of the repairs requested or problem presented, date, time, name of person granting such authorization, and the telephone number, if any at which said person was contacted.

Repair - Used Motor Vehicle (From a Dealership Sale)

56:8-72. Term of warranty extended for repairs 

The term of any written warranty offered by a dealer in connection with the sale of a used motor vehicle shall be extended by any time period during which the used motor vehicle is waiting for the dealer or his agent to begin or complete repairs of a material defect of the used motor vehicle.