Refund Policy

Refund Policy - Posting of Signs

 Posting of Signs - (56:8-2.16) Every retail mercantile establishment shall conspicuously post its refund policy as to all merchandise on a sign in at least one of the following locations;

  • Affixed to each cash register or point of sale, or so situated as to be clearly visible to the buyer from the cash register, 
  • Posted at each store entrance used by the public
  • Attached to each item

Signs; Contents- (56:8-2.17.) Any sign required by section 3 of this act to be posted in retail mercantile establishments shall state whether or not it is a policy of such establishment to give refunds and, if so, under what conditions, including, but not limited to, whether a refund will be given.

  • On merchandise which has been advertised as sale merchandise or marked "as is"
  • On merchandise for which no proof of purchase exists
  • At any time or not beyond a point in time specified or
  • In cash, or as credit or store credit only.

Refunds or Credit to Buyer (56:8-2.18) A retail mercantile establishment violating any provision of this act shall be liable to the buyer, for up to 20 days from the date of purchase, for a cash refund or a credit, at the buyer's option, provided that the merchandise has not been used or damaged by the buyer.

Posting of Sign; Exceptions   (56:8-2.19) The provisions of section 3 shall not apply to retail mercantile establishments or departments that have a policy of providing, for a period of not less than 20 days after the date of purchase, a cash refund for a cash purchase or providing a cash refund or issuing a credit for a credit purchase, which credit is applied to the account on which the purchase was debited, in connection with the return of its unused and undamaged merchandise.