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Legalized Games of Chance

All Cases are handled by New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission
P.O. Box 46000
Newark, New Jersey 07101

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The Commission oversees the operation of games conducted pursuant to the Bingo and Raffles Licensing Laws by approximately 12,000 charitable, educational, religious, patriotic, public-spirited organizations and senior citizen associations and organizations currently registered to conduct legalized games of chance, such as bingo games and raffles, throughout the state. Along with determining an organization's eligibility to conduct legalized games of chance and registering the organizations, the Commission is responsible for enforcing the laws that presently govern the $85-million-dollar-a-year industry, commonly known as charitable gaming.

Also, the Commission oversees the operations of approximately 1,000 Amusement Games operated at recognized amusement parks, seashore or other resorts or agricultural exhibitions (county fairs).

For more information, call the Commission at (973) 273-8000 or write to the commission at P.O. Box 46000, Newark, New Jersey 07101. 

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