Before Filing a complaint

Before Filing a Complaint


Few things are more frustrating than paying hard-earned money for a product or service only to discover it doesn't measure up to promises or expectations, or that it is just a plain rip-off. When that happens, consumers rightfully expect to have the problem resolved or their money returned.  Even careful buyers get stuck now and then. If it happens to you, you will want to know how to proceed to get the best results.   

First Contact the Business,

Take your problem to the salesperson, manager or the company's customer service representative. Most problems are resolved at this level. If you are still not satisfied, contact the owner or the company's headquarters.  If the business will not resolve a problem directly, consumers can file a Consumer Complaint with the Office of the Attorney General , the Better Business Bureau, or a small claims court. The complaint should explain in detail, with documentation (photocopies), what the problem is, who it is with, what you have done and what you want. In particular it should:   

Identify the Business

Include the name and current address of the business. An agency will not be able to help very much without the firm's current address.  

Describe the Problem 

Describe as completely as you can the problem with the product or service you have purchased. Were you told something that was untrue? Describe what you were told and how it was untrue. Is it defective? Explain what is wrong. Did the business refuse to honor a warranty? Explain what needs repair and include a photocopy of the warranty.   

Explain What You Want

 Explain what you want the business to do: how much money should be refunded or exactly how you want a product fixed or a service performed.   

Include Photocopies 

Always include photocopies of documents relevant to your complaint receipts, warranties, both sides of cancelled checks, contracts, etc. Do not send originals. Only send copies, except upon request of the agency to which you are making your complaint.  

Please be advised that any information you supply may be subject to public disclosure pursuant to New Jersey's Open Public Records Act. If an investigation into the matter is conducted, the information is subject to public disclosure only after the completion of the investigation

We strongly urge you to not submit sensitive personal information on these forms online.



Complaint Form (pdf)