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Identity Theft

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It is estimated that identity theft is the fastest-growing financial crime in America and perhaps the fastest-growing crime of any kind in our society. It can happen in many different ways: a thief takes credit card receipts or bank statements from your wallet or garbage; you inadvertently provide personal financial information over the phone or Internet; or someone misuses your social security number or other confidential materials. But the results can be equally disastrous. Before you even realize your personal information has been compromised, your credit and good name can be damaged. But New Jersey has taken new and ground-breaking steps to prevent identity theft from happening and, if it does, helping you repair the damage that has been done. The "Identity Theft Prevention Act," which took effect on January 1, 2006, is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use identity theft prevention law in the nation which gives consumers the tools they need to protect their financial well-being. 

Consumers may now:

Request that a credit reporting agency place a security freeze on their consumer credit reports;
File and receive a copy of police reports concerning his/her suspected identity theft;
Require any company that lawfully collects and maintains computerized records containing personal information to notify him/her in the event that the personal data is compromised;
Limit use of Social Security numbers as identifiers and prohibit public display and usage of their Social Security numbers on printed materials except where required by law; and
Require businesses to destroy records containing personal information that is no longer needed.

Information found in the links below provide you with additional information on identity theft and ‘phishing,’ common sense steps you can take to prevent identity theft, how and where to report identity theft and what you need to do to repair your credit in the event that you are a victim of identity theft.

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If you are the victim of Identity Theft, download the Identity Theft Recovery Plan